Tabs3 Connect: Mobile Documents

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Did you know that you can download and view documents for any of your clients from your phone, tablet, or laptop? You can download linked documents that are in PracticeMaster’s Document Management file or email attachments that are in the Journal file.

After logging in to Tabs3 Connect, open Matter Manager to access a client’s documents. Select the desired client and then do one of the following:

  • Click Documents to see a list of document management records. Click a record to see more information and to access a link to download the file. (Note: To open a linked document, the location of the file must be a UNC path rather than a mapped drive.)
  • Click Journal to see a list of journal records. Click an email record with an attachment to see more information and to access a link to download the attached file.

Tabs3 Connect lets you control who has access to documents. Only the users who have Tabs3 Connect access AND who belong to an access profile that specifically grants rights in System Configuration to Download Files via Tabs3 Connect can download linked files and email attachments (Access Profile | PM tab | File Information | Download Files via Tabs3 Connect). Furthermore, every downloaded file from Tabs3 Connect is logged in the Tabs3 Connect Access Log, thus allowing you to see exactly which documents have been downloaded by which users.

For more information on Tabs3 Connect, contact your consultant, call Technical Support at (402) 419-2210, or visit Knowledge Base Article R11480, “All About Tabs3 Connect.”

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