Feature Article: Request Trust Deposit

July 2022    Tags: , , , ,

When it is time for a client to replenish a trust account, use the new Request Trust Deposit feature! Enter the amount requested and select the corresponding IOLTA account. Tabs3 Billing then creates an email message with an embedded payment button. Review the message and send it to your client.

Your client receives the message, clicks the Make Trust Payment button, and funds the trust account by ACH bank transfer or credit/debit card.

Request Trust Deposit is powered by Tabs3Pay, the secure online payments platform built into Tabs3 Billing and Trust Accounting.

Note: The Trust Request feature requires Tabs3 Billing and Trust Accounting Version 2022 (Build 22.2.3) and later. Including a Make a Trust Payment button in a trust request requires a Tabs3Pay merchant account configured in Tabs3 Billing and Trust Accounting. For additional information, see KB Articles R11869, “Configuring Tabs3Pay,” and R11905, “Requesting and Importing Tabs3Pay Online Payments and Trust Deposits.”

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