Feature Article: Apply Payments to Multiple Matters

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Did you know that you can apply payments to multiple matters for the same client? Payments can be allocated by statement date, proportionally, or manually.

Note: The split payments will make individual journal entries in Tabs3 General Ledger that will be linked together and shown as one item on the Reconciliation and Deposit Slip Report.

To apply a payment to multiple matters

  1. In the Quick Launch, search for and select “Payment Entry.”
  2. Select the desired Client ID.
  3. Enter the payment as you would normally. The information entered in each field will be automatically replicated for each matter’s payment.
  4. Click the  (Apply Payment to Multiple Matters) button or press Alt+A.
  5. In the Payment Amount for Multiple Matters window:
    1. Click the Apply by Date button.
      Click the Apply Proportionately button.
      In the Apply column, enter the amount you want to apply to each matter.
    2. Click Finalize.

The Apply Payments to Multiple Matters option is also available when entering or importing Tabs3Pay payments. (Note: To use the Apply Payments to Multiple Matters option when importing Tabs3Pay payments, you must select the View each Payment record before creating option in the Import Online Payments window.)

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