Quick Tip: Time Zones

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Time Zones are here! Beginning in Version 2020, you can specify your time zone or set it automatically as per Windows settings (Calendar | Calendar Properties). Additionally, time zones can be changed for individual calendar records. Calendar records will be shown relative to the local time for each user. The PracticeMaster Calendar, PracticeMaster Dashboard, and Tabs3 Connect Calendar all utilize the time zone setting on the device where records are being accessed. This also provides a more seamless integration of calendar records with Microsoft Outlook.

Tabs3 Connect also now supports time zones for calendar events and tasks. Tabs3 Connect will display new calendar records relative to the local time of the device. Tabs3 Connect allows you to specify a time zone when adding an event or task to the calendar, allowing you to schedule something back at the office or for another location.

Note: Only users converting from previous versions of the software need to enable the time zone feature (Utilities | Time Zone Configuration). It is enabled by default for new systems.

Update to Version 20.2.6 to start using time zones.

Additional information on how PracticeMaster handles time zones for calendar events and tasks can be found in KB Article R11836, “PracticeMaster Time Zone Overview,” or the Help included with PracticeMaster. Click here to view the “Enabling Time Zones in PracticeMaster” training video.

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