Tabs3 Connect: Getting Started with Tabs3 Connect

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Whether you’ve just upgraded to Platinum, or you’ve had Platinum for a while and just haven’t started using Tabs3 Connect yet, one of your first questions may be how to set up Tabs3 Connect.

To get started, Tabs3 Connect is first enabled at the firm level (Platinum | Tabs3 Connect Administration), and then individually for each user via System Configuration. With Tabs3 Connect, you can specify which users can access the firm’s Tabs3 data on their internet-enabled device. If not everyone in the office needs to use Tabs3 Connect, you can provide access to only those users who do.

To enable Tabs3 Connect for a user

  1. In System Configuration, from the File menu, point to Open and select Users.
  2. Select the User ID for which you want to provide Tabs3 Connect access.
  3. In the Options section, select the Allow access via Tabs3 Connect check box.
  4. Click the Tabs3 Connect Settings button.
    1. In the Feature Access Section, select whether the user should have access to Billing and PracticeMaster or Billing only.
    2. In the Login Address field, enter the user’s email address if not present.
    3. In the Password field, enter a password that is between 8 and 20 characters long. The password must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number.
    4. In the Confirm Password field, reenter the password.
    5. Select the Fee Timekeeper that will be assigned by default to new fee transactions in Tabs3 Connect for this user.
    6. Optionally select to Hide Timekeeper Field On Form.
    7. Optionally change the Default Start Page and Text Macros Default.
    8. Click OK.
  5. Press Ctrl+S to save the user settings.

Once Tabs3 Connect has been set up in System Configuration, open your browser and log on to to start using it immediately! You’ll wonder how you ever worked without it.

For more information on Tabs3 Connect, contact your consultant, call Technical Support at (402) 419-2210, or visit Knowledge Base Article R11480, “All About Tabs3 Connect.”

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