Quick Tip: System Configuration

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System Configuration isn’t a program you work in everyday like Tabs3 Billing, but is geared toward setting up certain features of the software. So what settings are controlled in System Configuration, and how do you access it?

Many settings in the software can be set up once and you’re done, but others may need to be updated such as when employees come and go, your server equipment changes, or your firm changes and grows. Although each individual program (Tabs3 Billing, PracticeMaster, etc.) has program-specific customization settings, many System Configuration settings affect more than just a single program.

Note: Manager Access Rights are required to access many of the settings in System Configuration.

System Configuration is used to set up the following features:

  • Users and Groups, including Calendar Rights and Tabs3 Connect settings
  • Access Rights
  • Firm Info
  • Outgoing E-mail Configuration
  • Microsoft Exchange Integration
  • Platinum settings
  • …and more!

How to access System Configuration

You can open System Configuration via your desktop shortcut, if present, or via the toolbarApplication Toolbar from any of the Tabs3 software. The Application Toolbar is typically located on the right-hand side of the main window and includes buttons for all Tabs3 software for which you have access rights. For more information about accessing System Configuration, press F1 while in the Tabs3 software and enter “System Configuration” on the Index tab.

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