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Do you want a way to scroll through each file and quickly see the key contents of each record? The SnapShot provides a concise picture of the data contained in individual records using an easy to view format in a single location. When you are viewing a list of records such as a List tab in PracticeMaster or the Client Lookup and Contact Lookup windows in Tabs3, simply click on a single record from the list. All of the key information from the record will be shown in the SnapShot panel.

As you select different records on the list, the SnapShot refreshes with information from each new record. This makes it easy to see the information without actually opening the record. Hyperlinks are provided for phone numbers, e-mail addresses, in both Tabs3 and PracticeMaster, as well as file type fields in PracticeMaster. These fields can open a Send E-mail window, the Phone Dialer window, a Web Browser window, and a file or file location.

SnapShot makes it easy to grab information for a client or contact. After selecting the desired record, you can highlight the name and address block of information and use Ctrl+C to copy the information to the Windows clipboard. You can then paste that information into a document, spreadsheet, e-mail, or any other program that accepts text. If you want to print the SnapShot, simply right-click in the SnapShot panel and select Print.

The position of the SnapShot panel can be changed by right-clicking the SnapShot panel, pointing to the SnapShot menu option and selecting the Right or Bottom menu option. The SnapShot panel can also be resized by moving your cursor over the edge of the panel until your mouse changes to a line with arrows on both ends, clicking the edge of the panel, and dragging the edge to the new size. The size and position of SnapShot panels are stored separately for each User ID.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to work with the SnapShot feature yet, take a closer look. Additional information about the SnapShot feature can be found in Knowledge Base Article R11005, “SnapShot Overview.”

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