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Tabs3 Cloud is a cloud-based legal billing and financial software solution designed specifically for the way today’s fast-paced, multifaceted law firms operate. It includes all the benefits of the Platinum edition of our Tabs3 Billing and Financials software so you can manage your time, billing, and finances more effectively.

The following are just some of the benefits of Tabs3 Cloud:

  • Managed by Tabs3 – With Tabs3 Cloud, the Tabs3 Software is installed and managed by the Tabs3 Team. You don’t need to purchase and maintain a server computer. If your firm has IT staff or network administrators, they will not be responsible for managing Tabs3 Cloud beyond ensuring you can access the software via the internet.
  • Automatic Backups – With Tabs3 Cloud, the Tabs3 Software is automatically backed up throughout the workday, along with a daily archival backup that is stored offsite. In the event you need to restore from a prior backup, Tabs3 Support will handle the restore process and notify you when Tabs3 Cloud is available again.
  • Simple Pricing – Tabs3 Cloud is offered on a per user basis.
  • Data Privacy – Tabs3 Cloud secure login uses multi-factor authentication to control access to your firm’s data.
  • Software updates are handled by the Tabs3 Team – The Tabs3 Team will keep Tabs3 Cloud up to date.

Propel your firm toward higher profits with reliable software that’s designed specifically for law firms like yours.

Tabs3 Cloud includes all of the features you trust from Tabs3 Billing and Financials and puts them on your browser in the same easy-to-navigate interface you’re familiar with.

Whether you’re a longtime Tabs3 Software user or switching from another billing tool, Tabs3 Cloud is the perfect solution to keep operating accounts and client funds organized and accounted for.

Discover what the most dependable software solution for billing and financials on the market can do for your legal practice.

To learn more about Tabs3 Cloud, visit Tabs3.com/Cloud or Knowledge Base Article R11941, “All About Tabs3 Cloud,” or watch the Introducing Tabs3 Cloud video. To get pricing or to purchase a Tabs3 Cloud subscription, contact your local consultant or contact our Sales department at 402-419-2200.

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2 Responses to “Feature Article: Tabs3 Cloud”

  1. Betty Pinto says:

    Will all the modules of Practice Master be in the cloud or just Tabs 3 and Financials?
    You do not mention Practice Master in the cloud, which would indicate all your modules.
    I am confused.

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    • PracticeMaster is not available in Tabs3 Cloud at this time, but we are planning on adding it in the future!

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