Quick Tip: Use F5 to Insert Time, Date, and User ID

January 2020    Tags: ,

Have you ever encountered comments in a Client’s file stating that the client was contacted about their past due balance without any reference as to who or when? When adding comments to any Memo type field in PracticeMaster, or to the Client Notes field in the Tabs3 Billing Client file, press F5 to automatically insert the current system date, system time, and User ID for the currently logged in user. When pressing F5, the text will be displayed in the following format:

01/23/2020 01:53pm DAWN

F5 is a quick and easy way to take the guesswork out of determining when information was entered, and who entered it.

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One Response to “Quick Tip: Use F5 to Insert Time, Date, and User ID”

  1. Christina Weaver says:

    Great link! I always put this info in – this will save time! Thank you.

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