KB Corner: Customizing Statement Letterhead

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There are several ways to customize the heading for your statements. The Statement Setup window helps determine which method is used to print the statement heading. To access Statement Setup from the Quick Launch, search for and select “Print Setup,” select your printer, and click the Statement Setup button.

  • If the firm’s name and address are entered on the Headings tab of Statement Customization (In the Quick Launch, search for and select “Statement Customization”), they will be printed at the top of your statements using the font specified in the Statement Setup window.
  • Selecting the Enable Statement Designer Layouts check box in the Statement Setup window will use the heading defined in the custom page layout created by the Statement Designer.
  • Selecting the Bitmap check box in the Page One section of the Statement Setup window lets you specify a bitmap image of your firm’s letterhead to include on your statements.

Statement Designer (In the Quick Launch, search for and select “Statement Designer”) can be used to design your letterhead using text, image, and layout elements. This option has the advantage of no additional cost and the ability to make changes at any time. For more information, refer to Knowledge Base Article R10901, “Customizing the Sample Page Layouts Provided with the Tabs3 Statement Designer.”

Tabs3 Support also offers a bitmap scanning service for Tabs3 Software users. Bitmap files of a firm’s letterhead can be created and used to print the letterhead directly on statements generated by Tabs3 Billing. This eliminates the need to use preprinted stationery for statements. Once scanned, the bitmap file can be specified to print on a statement via Statement Designer or the Statement Setup button in Printer Setup. Knowledge Base Article R10168, “Bitmap Scanning Service,” explains what a bitmap file is and why resolution matters, as well as more information about our scanning service and frequently asked questions.

Our Knowledge Base can be accessed at support.Tabs3.com. You can also access our Knowledge Base in the Quick Launch by searching for and selecting “Knowledge Base.”

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