Outlook Integration: Automatic Journaling with Microsoft Outlook

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I want to create a journal record in PracticeMaster for every e-mail that I send. How can I accomplish this automatically?

Before you can configure the toolbar to automatically journal all outgoing e-mails, you will need to install the Outlook Plug-in.

To install the PracticeMaster Outlook Plug-in

  1. From the Maintenance menu, point to Integration and select Toolbar Plug-ins.
  2. Click the Install Outlook Plug-in button.
  3. Click OK on the message that is displayed.
  4. Close and reopen Outlook.

Once the Outlook Plug-in has been installed, you can specify whether new messages will be automatically journaled or not. Additionally, you can specify whether or not the records will be linked. When Linking is enabled, PracticeMaster will maintain a link between the e-mail and the Journal/Calendar/Fee record. When Linking is enabled and you try to create a PracticeMaster record from an e-mail a second time, the existing record will be opened instead. When Linking is disabled, multiple records for the same e-mail may be created.

To automatically journal outgoing e-mails

  1. From Outlook, click the PracticeMaster tab.
  2. Click the Default Settings button.
  3. In the New Message Defaults section, for the Journal option, select Enabled.
  4. In the Record Linking Defaults section, change the Record Linking option if desired.
  5. Click OK.

Keep in mind that these are the default settings. When sending an e-mail, you can click on the PracticeMaster tab in the new message window and select to turn Journaling and/or Linking off for this message. The next e-mail you send will revert back to the default settings.

For more information regarding the features available in PracticeMaster’s Outlook Plug-in, refer to Knowledge Base article R11516, “Configuring the PracticeMaster Outlook Plug-in.”

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