Quick Tip: Toolbar Plug-ins

November 2022    Tags: , , ,

Did you know that PracticeMaster integrates with several third-party programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Word? This integration provides the ability to add emails to PracticeMaster as Journal records and documents as Document Management records. Fee and Calendar records can also be added.

To install a toolbar plug-in

  1. In the Quick Launch, search for and select “Toolbar Plug-ins.”
  2. Select the tab of the program for which you want to install a Toolbar Plug-in.
  3. Click the Install button and follow any instructions noted.

The next time you open the third-party program, you will be able to use the toolbar! For more information about Toolbar Plug-ins, press F1 from within PracticeMaster and enter “Toolbar Plug-ins” on the Index tab.

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