Outlook Integration: Outlook Sync Shows Deleted Calendar Record

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We’ve had several calendar records come up missing in both PracticeMaster and Outlook. We believe the entries were deleted sometime yesterday. Is there an easy way to find out what those records were so we can add them back into PracticeMaster if necessary?

Because the calendar entries were synchronized between PracticeMaster and Outlook, the Outlook Sync Log can be used to help determine if records were deleted. The Outlook Sync Log keeps track of every add, change, or delete that passes between Outlook and PracticeMaster.

Because the Outlook Sync Log records everything that synchronizes between PracticeMaster and Outlook, it can be quite large. Fortunately, we can create a filter to help narrow down the records we want to look at.

To filter the Outlook Sync Log for deleted records

  1. From the View menu, point to Log Files and select Outlook Sync Log.
  2. From the Quick Clicks pane, expand the Filter group and select Manage Filters.
  3. Press Ctrl+N.
  4. Enter the desired Filter Name (e.g., “Sync Items on 7/16/2018”).
  5. Click the New Row button.
    1. Select Sync_Date and then click the Select button.
    2. In the Test Condition column, select Greater than or Equal To.
    3. In the Test Value column, enter yesterday’s date (e.g., “07/16/2018”).
  6. Click the New Row button.
    1. Select Action and then click Select.
    2. In the Test Value column, enter “D”.
  7. Click Save.

Once the filter is enabled in the Quick Clicks pane, only those records that were deleted during the sync will be shown. You can then determine if records need to be added back into PracticeMaster based on record information in the Outlook Sync Log including the calendar Description, Owner (User), and Due Date/Time.

If you do not see the record(s) you are expecting, keep in mind that it’s also possible for records to appear deleted when they were actually changed (e.g., removing a User from the record, changing the Due Date field, etc.). If you want to look for changed records, instead of deleted records, simply change the filter’s Test Value from “D” to “U” in step 6b above.

For more information on PracticeMaster’s integration with Outlook, please see our Outlook Integration Guide.

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