Outlook Integration: Outlook to PracticeMaster Expectations

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Whenever I make changes in Outlook to my calendar items that have synchronized from PracticeMaster, the changes never go back to PracticeMaster. Should they sync?

Synchronization of records from Outlook to PracticeMaster depends on how Outlook integration is configured. If Outlook integration has been configured for automatic synchronization from Outlook to PracticeMaster, records that you add or modify in Outlook will synchronize to PracticeMaster immediately upon being saved.

If that’s not the behavior you are seeing, the first consideration is how the integration is configured. You can access the Outlook configuration settings by clicking the Maintenance menu in PracticeMaster, then pointing to Integration and selecting Outlook Synchronization.

On the Calendar tab, verify the following settings to ensure that automatic synchronization is properly configured:

  • Both the PracticeMaster to Outlook and Outlook to PracticeMaster check boxes are selected.
  • Both PracticeMaster to Outlook and Outlook to PracticeMaster are set to Automatic.

If you’ve confirmed that the integration is properly configured for automatic synchronization, then verify that the status bar at the bottom of the PracticeMaster window is not displaying an “Outlook Synchronization Suspended” message. This message indicates that synchronization has been halted and user intervention is required. To resolve the suspended synchronization, click the message in the PracticeMaster status bar. You will then be prompted to perform the required action.

Most commonly, “Outlook Synchronization Suspended” messages are the result of the confirmation threshold being set too low on the Synchronization Options tab of the Outlook Synchronization window. This setting is designed to alert you when an unusually large number of records are being synchronized, and may need to be modified depending on how many records are normally added for you by other users.

If you have verified all of the above settings and the calendar items are still not synchronizing to PracticeMaster, contact Technical Support at (402) 419-2210.

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