Video of the Month: Platinum Overview

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If you haven’t tried out Platinum yet because you haven’t had time to read up on the features, then this video’s for you!

The Platinum Overview video goes over the core features that make Platinum great, including the following:

  • Tabs3 Connect – Enter fees on the go; access your calendar and contacts away from the office; and access the Matter Manager to view a client’s billing summary, documents, and more.
  • HotBackup – Schedule HotBackups and set up notifications for when HotBackups are successful and/or have failed. HotBackups can be run while others are working in the software.
  • Recovery – If the software crashes, the software “rolls back” the data for key features so that you don’t have to restore from a backup.
  • Accelerators – Reports and filters are sped up to 30x faster than on non-Platinum versions of the software.

Watch this three-minute video here:

Training Videos can be accessed at You can also access the videos while in the software by selecting Help | Training Videos.

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