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Statement comments provide the ability to add internal notes to fee, cost, client funds, and payment transactions that will be shown on draft statements, but not on final statements. Additionally, statement comments are included on the Fee and Cost Verification Lists, Detail Work-in-Process Report, and optionally on the Transaction File List and Task Code Billing Report (new for Version

Statement comments entered for individual fee, cost, payment, or client funds transactions are shown in red. When printing reports or draft statements, statement comments will print with a strike-through character (e.g., “Send statement by the 2nd”).

To create a Statement Comment

  1. Open the desired transaction entry window, such as the Fee file (File | Open | Fee).
  2. In the Description field, select Statement Comment from the right-click menu. The text that you enter next will display in red, which means it is a statement comment.
  3. When you are done with the comment, select Statement Comment from the right-click menu again. The text that you enter now will be normal.

Note: Alternatively, you can enter all desired text, highlight the portion you want to have shown as a statement comment, and then select Statement Comment from the right-click menu.

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