Outlook Integration: Outlook Synchronization Suspended

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I synchronize PracticeMaster with Outlook, and I occasionally see the message “Outlook Synchronization Suspended” in the status bar. Why would this message be displayed?

There are a few reasons the “Outlook Synchronization Suspended” message can be displayed in the PracticeMaster status bar.


The specified confirmation threshold has been exceeded.

The Outlook Synchronization confirmation threshold is used to specify the minimum number of records that will require confirmation before synchronization can proceed. The purpose of this setting is to ensure that you are alerted when an unusual number of records are being synchronized (as this can indicate a problem with your synchronization settings), without interrupting more typical synchronizations. Therefore, the ideal value will vary depending on the user.

To change the threshold

  1. From the Maintenance menu, point to Integration and select Outlook Synchronization.
  2. From the Synchronization Options tab, in the Synchronization Options section, change the Require confirmation when at least xx records will be synchronized number or clear the check box.
  3. Click OK.

A critical Outlook Synchronization setting has been changed and therefore a critical synchronization is required.

In order to ensure the accuracy of synchronized information, a critical synchronization must be performed before any synchronization can occur after changing the settings. All other synchronization for the user will be suspended until this synchronization is performed.

A synchronization exception has occurred.

A synchronization exception is a synchronization issue that PracticeMaster cannot resolve without user intervention. Exceptions are uncommon. Refer to the “Synchronization Exceptions” section of Knowledge Base Article R11368, “Troubleshooting Outlook Calendar & Contact Integration Issues,” for more information.


To resolve the suspended synchronization, click the “Outlook Synchronization Suspended” message in the PracticeMaster status bar. You will then be prompted to perform the required action.

For more information on PracticeMaster’s Outlook integration, refer to our Outlook Integration Guide.

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