Outlook Integration: Attach PracticeMaster Documents

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Sometimes I need to email several documents from the Document Store in PracticeMaster to someone. Is there an easy way to add multiple managed documents to an email?

In Version 19, we added the Attach PM Document button to the PracticeMaster toolbar in Outlook. When composing an email in Outlook, this button is available on the PracticeMaster tab if the PracticeMaster toolbar is installed.

To add multiple managed documents to an outgoing email

  1. Begin composing your email.
  2. From the PracticeMaster tab, click Attach PM Document.
  3. In the PracticeMaster Document Management window, select the records with the documents you want to include in your email. (Note: You can apply filters, QuickViews, or use the Search List field to narrow down the list of document management records shown.)
  4. To select a record, click the check_column column for that record. To select multiple records at the same time, use one of the following methods to highlight multiple records, and then press the Spacebar or click the GreenCheck button. Keep in mind that you can attach up to ten records at a time.
    1. Press and hold the Ctrl key, and then highlight individual document management records.
    2. Highlight a range of records by clicking the first document management record in the range and then press the Shift key while you click the last record in the range.
    3. Click and drag your mouse pointer across all document management records in a range.
  5. Click OK to attach the selected records to your email and return to Outlook.
  6. Repeat steps 2-4 as necessary.

You can now finish composing your email and send it. Keep in mind that your or the recipient’s email server may have a limit on the size of attachments that can be included with an email message.

Note: If you only need to send a single managed document to someone, you can also open the document management record in PracticeMaster and click the Send Email option in the Take Action group of the Quick Clicks pane. This will create a new email message in Outlook with the document attached. However, if you need to attach a single managed document to a reply or forwarded email, use the Attach PM Document button instead.

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