PracticeMaster Q&A: Moving Document Management Files

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We need to move the files for our Document Management records to a bigger hard drive. Can PracticeMaster do this for us?

PracticeMaster makes it easy to move all existing documents from the current storage location to a new location by changing the Document Store path. However, PracticeMaster will only move files in Document Management records that have the Automatically Manage Document option selected. Other linked documents in any PracticeMaster record (using a File field type) or unmanaged Document Management records will not be affected.

Tip: To check if there are any Document Management records that are not set to be automatically managed, you can create a filter of “Manage_SW is False” on the List tab of the Document Management window.

To change the Document Store location

  1. On the new drive, create a folder (e.g., “D:\Documents”) and set up a network sharing UNC path (e.g., \\server\documents). Make sure no users have any of the document files open or are using PracticeMaster prior to continuing.
  2. In the Quick Launch, search for and select “Customization.”
  3. On the Documents tab, update the Document Store path to point to the new UNC path.
  4. Click OK to save Customization.
  5. A prompt will be shown to run Verify Documents. Click Yes.
  6. When Verify Documents is complete, an Error Report will be displayed showing each file that was moved (error codes 40 or 42). These errors are expected. You can save this report for your records.
  7. Click Close to complete the process.

If any other codes are included on the Verify Documents Error Report, verify that the Document Management record is correctly set to manage the document, and then re-run the Verify Documents utility (in the Quick Launch, search for and select “Verify Documents”). If the error persists, contact Tabs3 Support for additional assistance.

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