Quick Tip: Save Your Reports as PDFs

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Did you know that you can save reports generated from Tabs3 Software as PDFs? Instead of maintaining folders and/or boxes of paper, store your reports digitally instead!

When printing your reports, there are two ways to save the file as a PDF:

  • Select an Output of Tabs3 DropBox. Tabs3 Software’s DropBox is a good option if you want to review the PDF report(s) before saving them to their final location. You can then save multiple files in the DropBox to another location simultaneously. Once all your reports are saved to the DropBox, simply drag them to the desired location.
  • Select an Output of File, and then save the file as a PDF to the desired location. This is a good option if you’re ready to save the report and be done.

Once you start saving your reports as PDFs, think about saving them as document management records in PracticeMaster. When saved to PracticeMaster, your reports become easily searchable. Worried about security? Assigning documents to a secure client will limit the information available to users. When running a conflict search, any hits belonging to a secure client will display “This is a secure record.”

Tip: Use the Send to PracticeMaster option while in File Explorer to automatically create document management records in PracticeMaster for multiple reports. For more information on the Send to PracticeMaster feature, see Knowledge Base Article R11571, “Document Management Frequently Asked Questions.”

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