Platinum: Sending Linked Records via eNotify

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When a document needs to be reviewed, how is it passed around the office? Is it printed and handed out, or maybe sent via email to everyone for commentary? There is an easier way – use eNotify to send everyone a link to the PracticeMaster record!

How does eNotify work? By clicking the eNotify  button when viewing any PracticeMaster record (e.g., document management, calendar, client, fee, journal, etc.), a new Send eNote window is displayed that includes some basic information regarding the linked record, depending on the file from which it was created. The Send eNote window also automatically contains a link to the record. This feature provides a simple way to notify other users of additions or changes to their PracticeMaster records (e.g., address changes, rescheduled meetings, newly scheduled events or tasks, etc.).

When the recipient views the eNote, a link at the bottom of the eNote window can be used to open the referenced record. In the opened record, all fields will be available for review.

eNotify has several other uses, such as making attorneys aware of a new client by eNotifying them with a link to the new client record, or eNotifying a group of users regarding a change in the location, date, or time of a calendar event that is moments away. Using eNotify in these situations can make users aware of changes that they might otherwise find out about too late if they depend solely on email for communication.

eNotify is a fast and easy way to notify users of changes and additions to the PracticeMaster files. Making eNotify part of your daily routine can guarantee that everyone is in the know!

For more information about Platinum features, see Knowledge Base Article R11379, “Platinum Overview.” If you have any questions regarding Platinum features, contact your Tabs3 Software consultant, or call Support at (402) 419-2210.

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