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Besides the many reports included in Tabs3 Software, you have several options for creating your own custom reports.


PracticeMaster comes with several built-in reports that will provide insight into the details of your clients, appointments, to-do lists, and pending assignments (e.g., calendar reports, client reports, and task lists). One of PracticeMaster’s most powerful features is a comprehensive Report Writer with the ability to create customized reports based on any information stored in PracticeMaster. You can create basic or complex reports using the Report Wizard or the Report Writer Editor. Furthermore, PracticeMaster comes with a collection of pre-defined reports that can be customized as needed.

Haven’t purchased a license of PracticeMaster yet? Not a problem! You can access the Report Writer using the free license of PracticeMaster that comes with Tabs3 Billing.

For more information on PracticeMaster Report Writer, refer to Knowledge Base Article R11446, “Working with PracticeMaster Report Writer,” or the PracticeMaster Report Writer Guide.

Output to Excel

Information from Tabs3 Software can be copied or printed to Microsoft® Excel. This allows you to rearrange columns as needed or compile data from several areas into one workbook.

  • Copy from a list – When selecting items from any list, you can copy the selected item(s) to the Windows clipboard using Ctrl+C. You can also use the Copy All feature to copy all items from any list to the Windows clipboard using Ctrl+Alt+C. You can then paste the list into Excel.
  • Print to File – When printing reports, in the Print Dialog Box, you can select File and then save the report as an Excel file. Although any report can be output to an Excel format, many reports have been specially optimized for Excel output.

For more information on Output to Excel, including a list of reports optimized for Excel output, refer to Knowledge Base Article R11280, “All About Outputting Tabs3 Software Data to Excel.”

Tabs3 Billing Report Writer

Right out of the box, Tabs3 Billing is equipped with more than 50 reports. However, if you need a report that is not already available in Tabs3 Billing, consider purchasing a license of Tabs3 Billing Custom Report Writer. The Tabs3 Billing Report Writer allows users of Tabs3 Billing to define and print reports and forms based on information in Tabs3 Billing. Reports can be saved in a report format or various file formats including fixed or variable length field format, Microsoft Word mail-merge format, WordPerfect merge format, and more. The Forms Writer portion of the software is ideal for printing mailing labels, client file labels, and much more.

For more information on Tabs3 Billing Report Writer, refer to Knowledge Base Article R10394, “Tabs3 Billing Custom Report Writer Product Information.”

GLS Report Writer

Tabs3 General Ledger (GL) automatically includes necessary financial reports such as General Ledger, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows, Budget Report, and more. However, if you need a report that is not already in GL, consider purchasing a license of General Ledger Custom Report Writer. General Ledger Custom Report Writer is an application that interfaces with GL. It allows users of GL to define and print customized reports based on user defined formulas. Easily create and modify reports such as Current Ratio, Working Capital, Return on Owner’s Equity Ratio, Current Liability, and more. Balances from any balance sheet account (both detail and total accounts) can be used in formulas. Budget Figures, as well as Month-to-Date, Quarter-to-Date, and Year-to-Date balances from income statement accounts (both detail and total accounts) can also be used.

For more information on General Ledger Report Writer, refer to Knowledge Base Article R10395, “Tabs3 General Ledger Custom Report Writer Product Information.”

ODBC Driver

Data files for the Tabs3 Software are ODBC capable. Purchasing a license of the ODBC Driver lets you export data from Tabs3 Billing, PracticeMaster, and Tabs3 Financial software using various third-party ODBC compliant applications such as Crystal Reports Pro Report Writer, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Query. The ODBC driver is written by FairCom Corporation, the manufacturer of the c-tree file storage method used by Tabs3 Software.

For accelerated server-side ODBC performance, consider upgrading to the Platinum SQL edition of Tabs3 Software. Platinum SQL provides detailed access rights for ODBC users and a license of the ODBC driver for each user. For example, one user can have rights to the Tabs3 Billing data files without having access rights to the Tabs3 General Ledger data files. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the SQL ODBC driver are included with the Platinum SQL software.

For more information on ODBC, refer to Knowledge Base Article R10017, “Working with ODBC,” or R11397, “Working with Platinum SQL ODBC Drivers.”

More Info

For more information or to purchase a license of PracticeMaster, Tabs3 Report Writer, General Ledger Report Writer, or an ODBC driver, contact your consultant or Sales at (402) 419-2200.

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