KB Corner: Working with ODBC

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Have you recently purchased a license for ODBC, or are thinking about it? Data files for the Tabs3 Software are ODBC capable. ODBC capability allows you to retrieve information from the Tabs3 Software data files using applications such as MSQuery, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel, etc.; however, you cannot write information to the Tabs3 Software data files via an ODBC driver. Writing directly to the data files will corrupt the data. The ODBC driver is written by FairCom Corporation, the manufacturer of the c-tree file storage method used by the Tabs3 Software. An ODBC driver license for the software can be purchased from the consultant from which you purchased the software license or from our Sales Department.

Knowledge Base Article R10017, “Working with ODBC,” provides setup information for the ODBC driver, as well as troubleshooting to get you started. If you’re working with Platinum SQL ODBC drivers, check out R11397, “Working with Platinum SQL ODBC Drivers,” instead.

Our Knowledge Base can be accessed at support.Tabs3.com. You can also access our Knowledge Base in the Quick Launch by searching for and selecting “Knowledge Base.”

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