Quick Tip: Press F1 for Help

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Tabs3 Software provides context-sensitive help, but exactly what does that mean? Context-sensitive help means that you can quickly access the Help files based on where you are at in the software. Simply pressing F1 on your keyboard will take you directly to the Help file for the window that is currently open in the software.

For example, let’s say you’re on the Billing Preferences tab of the Client file in Tabs3 Billing. You notice the Bill On Demand check box, and wonder what it does. If you press F1, the Help for the Billing Preferences tab is displayed. Click the Bill On Demand link, and you can now read information on the purpose of the check box.

For another example, let’s say you have a Document Management record open in PracticeMaster. You’re not sure what the Automatically Manage Document and Protect Document check boxes are for, so you press F1 and the Help for the Document Management File is displayed. Scroll down to the File Information section, and information is provided for both check boxes.

Keep in mind that all information for fields and features may not be contained in a single Help topic. When a field or feature relates to additional topics, we provide links to those topics to learn more.

Note: The Help files provide general information on accessing and using the software, including information on every individual field. For information on troubleshooting the software, refer to our Knowledge Base instead.

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