PracticeMaster Q&A: History Tracking

April 2023    Tags:

We believe some records were changed that we didn’t want to be changed. Is there a way to see who has made changes in PracticeMaster?

The History Tracking feature records the following information each time a record is changed in PracticeMaster:

  • The date and time the change occurred.
  • The User ID of the user who made the change.
  • The name of the field that was changed.
  • The old and new values of the field that was changed.

To view the history of a record

  1. Open the record for which you want to see the history.
  2. In the Quick Clicks pane, expand the Take Action group and then click Display History.

Note: To use history tracking, it must be enabled in PracticeMaster Customization. Additionally, only fields with the Track History check box selected in File Maintenance will be tracked.

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