Spotlight: Pre-Bill Tracking

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Prior to running final statements, each timekeeper typically reviews pre-bills for accuracy. Tabs3 Billing’s Pre-Bill Tracking (in the Quick Launch, search for and select Pre-Bill Tracking) can be used to track whether a pre-bill is on hold, has been reviewed, is ready to be printed as a final statement, or has already been printed as a final statement. This feature makes it easy to always know where a bill is at and what steps must be taken in order to complete the current billing cycle.

Using the Pre-Bill Tracking program to track the billing status of statements is quite simple. Pre-Bill Tracking records are added to the Pre-Bill Tracking window when a draft statement or a Detail Work-In-Process Report is run for a client (provided the Update Pre-Bill Tracking check box is selected on the Options tab). Once the records are displayed in the Pre-Bill Tracking window, you can track the status of each pre-bill.

When the reviewing timekeeper returns pre-bills to you, individual statements can be marked as “Reviewed” or on “Hold.” Once statement records are marked as reviewed, final statements can be printed directly from the Pre-Bill Tracking window by clicking the Final Statements button (provided they are not on hold and a final statement has not already been run). The records in the Pre-Bill Tracking window can easily be sorted by Client ID, Client Name, Description, Timekeeper, Pre-Bill Date, Hold Status, Reviewed Status, Final Date, or Batch by clicking the applicable column heading.

Click the Options button to select whether to view clients that are on hold or not on hold, clients that have been reviewed or not reviewed, clients that have had a final statement processed, or a combination of these selections. Additionally, you can select to view pre-bills for specific timekeepers, or a specific batch.

If you haven’t been using Pre-Bill Tracking, try it out the next time you run your pre-bills.

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