Quick Tip: Use Trial Software to Try Other Tabs3 Programs

January 2016   

Did you know that you can try out the Tabs3 software you don’t have a license for, without downloading anything new? Maybe you currently use Tabs3 Billing and you want to try Trust Accounting Software (TAS), or you use both Tabs3 Billing and General Ledger Software (GLS) and want to try PracticeMaster, or any other combination. When you install your licenses, a trial version of each program is also installed. This means that you can try out each program before you commit to purchasing a license.

  • In Windows 10, Trial Software is accessible via Start | All apps | Tabs3 & PracticeMaster with Sample Data.
  • In Windows 8, Trial Software is accessible via the Apps window in the Tabs3 & PracticeMaster with Sample Data group.
  • In Windows 7 or earlier, Trial Software is accessible via Start | Programs | Tabs3 & PracticeMaster | Trial Software with Sample Data.

When accessing Trial Software, sample data is included so that you do not have to create your own set of data in order to try out all of the features and includes clients, contacts, transactions, and much more. This lets you jump right in to seeing what the software does, instead of spending time setting up and entering data.

So if you’ve been thinking about other Tabs3 software, try it out at your convenience and see what it can do for your firm!

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