Quick Tip: Embedding Fonts

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You have a special font you downloaded for your firm to use for statements and reports. Although you print some statements and reports, you also e-mail PDFs of statements and reports to certain clients and third parties. However, did you know that if the e-mail recipient doesn’t have that font installed, the font will be replaced by a different one? When a designated font in a PDF file is not installed on the reader’s computer, the closest substitution font is found and used, but sometimes this can make the PDF more difficult to read.

The solution? You can specify that the font be embedded into the PDF, so that it reaches your recipients as expected.

To embed fonts in PDF filesembed_fonts

  1. From the File menu, select Print Setup.
  2. Select the Printer you use to print statements.
  3. Click the Advanced Printing Features button.
    1. Select the Embed Fonts in PDF Files check box.
    2. Click OK on the Advanced Printing Features window.
  4. Click OK on the Printer Setup window.

Note: PDF files with embedded fonts have a larger file size, which may lengthen the processing time when e-mailing statements. Additionally, some fonts cannot be embedded due to copyright laws.

You don’t need to skip the specialty font for your firm; embed the font so that others can view the file as intended!

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