Product Spotlight: Reduce Write Offs, Get Paid in Full, and Save Time by Accepting Credit Cards

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Did you know the majority of Americans used a credit card in the past month? Americans rely on their credit cards more and more to pay for things like clothes, medical procedures, and now, legal services.

Here are the top three reasons law firms decide to accept credit cards:

  1. Clients pay faster, which allows firms to spend less time collecting on past due bills.
  2. Clients are more likely to pay their bill in full, which allows firms to reduce the amount they write off.
  3. Processing integrated credit card payments through Tabs3 Billing or Trust Accounting Software reduces the likelihood of human error, and saves firms time.

Remember: The easier it is to pay, the faster you get paid. The faster you get paid, the fewer collection calls you need to make, and the fewer write offs you need to process.

If you accept credit cards, there is no better way than with Tabs3. When a credit card payment is entered into Tabs3, it is automatically processed and the funds are deposited into your existing bank account. You do not need to change your existing banking relationships to process credit cards. If you use Tabs3 Trust Accounting Software, you can have trust account payments deposited into a separate account from where processing fees are deducted. This integration takes the guesswork out of bank account reconciliation and helps you comply with many state bars’ rules regarding commingling funds.

With the release of Version 18, we partnered with ProPay, a TSYS company, to provide you with credit card processing that is better than ever.

  • No more waiting days to start accepting credit cards. With ProPay, you can start accepting credit cards within minutes.
  • No more confusing price structures or price negotiations. With ProPay, rates are low and easy to understand.
  • No more lengthy SAQ questionnaires to complete. With ProPay, you only have to complete a simplified annual SAQ questionnaire to achieve PCI compliance.

ProPay also has the ability to add future enhancements and newer technology to Tabs3 software, such as chip card readers. If you’re interested in accepting credit cards, you can sign up in minutes at If you have any questions regarding processing credit cards in Tabs3, contact your local reseller and consultant, or contact Technical Support at (402) 419-2210.

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