Billing Q&A: Lock Out All Users

March 2022    Tags: , , , ,

Is there a way to keep users from logging into the software while I run maintenance tasks?

The Lock Out All Users feature was designed for exactly this reason. This option allows a user with manager rights to lock out all other users in the Tabs3 Software applications. In addition, users will be able to finish the task they are working on when the Lock Out is initiated, but will receive a Conflicting Activities window if they try to do anything else before they exit.

To initiate Lock Out All Users

  1. In the Quick Launch, search for and select “Lock Out All Users.”
  2. Enter a Reason.
  3. In the Keep users locked out for field, select the desired amount of time.
  4. Click OK.

The lockout will automatically end at the designated time. Alternatively, you can click Unlock to unlock the software sooner or click the Reset lockout time link to extend the lockout.

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