Feature: Lock Out All Users

November 2020    Tags: , , , , ,

In Version 2020, multiple improvements have been made to the Lock Out All Users feature (File | Lockout All Users). This feature can be useful when you want to keep others from logging in while you perform maintenance.

  • When initiating a lockout, you can now exit the software to perform server maintenance tasks, such as external backups, server moves, etc., without worrying about users opening the software. The user performing the lockout will continue to have full access to the Tabs3 Software, including applications that were closed prior to the lockout.
  • Lockouts can now be assigned an optional duration. Once the assigned duration has expired, the lockout is automatically lifted and users can begin using the software again. If you need additional time to complete your tasks, the lockout can be extended. In the event a lockout must be ended early and the user who initiated it is unavailable, another user with manager rights can override the lockout.
  • If other users are currently in the Tabs3 Software, initiating a lockout now opens a Conflicting Activities window, indicating which users need to exit the software before the lockout can begin. Additionally, with Tabs3 Platinum Software you can use the Request Log Off feature to request that users exit the software and, if necessary, force them to exit the software after a specified time period.
  • The Active User List (View | Active User List) now includes two new features:
    • A Start Time column to determine when users began their activities.
    • A Lock Out All Users button so you can initiate a lockout directly from the Active User List.

Note: These feature enhancements are included in Version 20.3.4.

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