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Did you know that you can see who is currently logged into the software? The Active User List shows you who’s in, and which programs they are currently accessing. This can be helpful when you want to get everyone out of the software for maintenance. By accessing the Active User List via View | Active User List, you can see who you need to have close the software.

When opening the Active User List, a window is displayed with all users who are in the currently open software (e.g., if you open the Active User List from PracticeMaster, users in PracticeMaster will be displayed). Additionally, you can see which computer they are logged into, and which file they are accessing in the software. Manager users will also have an All Systems check box and a Reset button. When the All Systems check box is selected, all users in all programs will be listed. The Reset button allows managers to reset a user, which closes the software on that user’s computer. (Note: Resetting users is not recommended in most situations, and should only be used when the user in question is not in the software.)

Manager users can always access the Active User List, but other users can be given access rights, or have access rights removed for this feature.

To add or remove rights to the Active User List

  1. From the System Configuration File menu, point to Open and select Access Profile.
  2. From the System Activity tab, select the desired Access ID.
  3. In the System Options section, select the Display Active User List check box.
  4. Press Ctrl+S.

The next time you want to see who is currently in the software, check out the Active User List!

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