Billing Q&A: Statement Designer Background Page

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We have two Statement Designer layouts that we want to combine into one layout. One is a header we used on Page 1, and one is a footer we used on Page 2. Is there a way to merge layouts?

You can include one statement designer layout in the background of another layout, allowing you to easily reuse templates. In this example, you can modify the statement designer layout with your heading to include the layout with the footer.

To add a statement designer layout to another statement designer layout

  1. In the Tabs3 Quick Launch, search for and select “Statement Designer.”
  2. In the Layout Tree, select the statement designer layout with your header.
  3. Click the  button (Figure 1, below) at the top left corner of the Page Layout pane to open the Properties dialog box.
  4. In the Background 1 or Background 2 field, select the layout with the footer.
  5. Adjust the position of the End Statement Body line to just above the footer:
    1. Mouse over the blue End Statement Body line until you see .
    2. Click and drag the line up or down as needed.
  6. Press Ctrl+S.

The background elements will appear as dimmed on the form layout, but will print normally on the next statement.

Figure 1

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