Tabs3 Connect: Tabs3 Connect Overview

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Tabs3 Connect has been around for some time now, but what exactly is Tabs3 Connect, and what can it do for your firm? Tabs3 Connect is a Platinum feature that provides access to Tabs3 and PracticeMaster anywhere you can connect to the Internet. No apps to download, simply go to and log in using your phone, tablet, laptop, or other internet-enabled device. Access client and contact information, enter fees and costs, use Matter Manager, access your firm’s calendar, receive alarm notifications, send and receive eNotes, and download documents and e-mail attachments via Tabs3 Connect. On smartphones and tablets, you can tap to create a fee, and flick to scroll through a list.

Keeping your data secure is top priority, and Tabs3 Connect was designed to protect attorneys’ sensitive information. The information you access using Tabs3 Connect is secure because it resides at your office, on your computer. It won’t be stored on someone else’s server in the cloud, or on a phone that you might lose. Furthermore, you choose who has access to Tabs3 Connect and who doesn’t, and access profiles affect users logged in to Tabs3 Connect as well. You can even keep track of Tabs3 Connect access and activity by reviewing the Tabs3 Connect Access Log and Tabs3 Connect Log.

If you already have Platinum, take advantage of this great feature and change the way your firm works! Don’t have Platinum yet? Now is a great time to explore the possibilities.

For more information on Tabs3 Connect, contact your reseller, consultant, or Technical Support at (402) 419-2210; or, visit Knowledge Base Article R11480, “All About Tabs3 Connect.” For more information on all of the great Platinum features, visit Knowledge Base Article R11379, “Platinum Overview.”

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