Video of the Month: Tabs3 Billing Data Entry Shortcuts

September 2019    Tags: ,

There are many shortcuts that can be used to help make entering data quicker, easier, and more convenient! In Tabs3 software, we include standard keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+N to make a new record or Ctrl+S to save a record, as well as program specific commands such as Alt+Home to open the Home page or Ctrl+Q to open the Quick Launch. However, we also have amount calculation shortcuts, date shortcuts, text macros, description field specific shortcuts, a date/time stamp keystroke, and field action buttons.

The Tabs3 Billing Data Entry Shortcuts video shows you these shortcuts in action, providing examples of how to use them and where they can come in handy.

Watch this five-minute video here:

Training Videos can be accessed at You can also access the videos while in the software by selecting Help | Training Videos.

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