Video of the Month: Changing the Rate for Future Billing

February 2020    Tags: , , , ,

When a timekeeper’s rate changes, it can be tricky to make sure that all fees are entered correctly before and after the change. Tabs3 takes the stress out by providing the ability to change rates automatically based on the date of the fee.

The Effective Date of New Rates field in the Timekeeper file can be used to automatically switch to a new rate as of a specific date. Fees dated prior to the specified date will use the previous rate, whereas fees dated on or after the specified date will use the new rate. The How Can I Change the Rate for Future Billing video walks you through this process and provides an example of how it works.

Watch this two-minute video here:

Training Videos can be accessed at You can also access the videos while in the software by selecting Help | Training Videos.

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