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I have a WorkFlow that runs every time anything is changed in a client record. Is there a way to set it up so the WorkFlow only runs when a specific field is changed?

WorkFlows can be configured to be run only when a specific field is changed. WorkFlows have the ability to be designed for very specific scenarios, such as when it’s difficult to remember a seldom used step or to correct errors in initial data entry (e.g., changing a client to be Inactive and having a message pop up to verify this is correct).

The Fields section of the WorkFlow Definition window can be used when a specific field needs to be the trigger for the WorkFlow.

  • Any Field – When Any Field is selected, the WorkFlow will be triggered if any field is changed in the record. The Any Field selection is ideal in most cases to ensure the WorkFlow runs when a record is edited.
  • Selected Fields – Using the Selected Fields option is ideal if you want to limit what changes could trigger the WorkFlow. It allows you to select certain fields so that the WorkFlow is triggered only if those fields are edited (e.g., only when the Name Search field is edited).
  • Specific Field – The Specific Field option is designed to run a WorkFlow based on what the field was before or after a change to the record. For example, let’s say you want the WorkFlow to only trigger if a field is cleared. In this scenario, you’d select Specific Field, select the Value After field, and leave the value blank. That tells PracticeMaster to only run the WorkFlow if the field is blank after a user saves the record.

For more information on WorkFlows, refer to our PracticeMaster WorkFlows Guide at or Knowledge Base Article R11307, “All About WorkFlows.”

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