Spotlight: Write-Ups and Write-Downs

August 2019    Tags: , , , , ,

WUDDid you know that you can write all matters for a client up or down at the same time?

As of Version 19, when using the Write-Up/Write-Down Fees and Costs program (Statements | Statement Preparation | Write-Up/Write-Down Fees and Costs), an Include All Matters for this Client check box is now available.

Prior to billing, you can use the Write-Up/Write-Down program to write-down unbilled fees, costs, or hours for a client using a range of timekeepers, transaction codes, categories, and/or dates. When writing multiple transactions up or down, each affected transaction’s amount and/or hours is adjusted by an amount proportional to the total adjustment.

When this option is selected, the Write-Up or Write-Down will include transactions for all matters for the specified Client ID. All matters that begin with the same value left of the decimal with work-in-process will be included in the calculated client total based on the criteria selected in the Transaction Selection section.

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