Feature Article: Enhancements to Integration with LexShare

November 2022    Tags: , ,

Integration with LexShare, a secure file sharing and electronic document signing service, has been enhanced in the most recent version of PracticeMaster. LexShare integration allows your clients to easily upload files that you request, or add their electronic signature to a document that you send. The document can then be imported to the PracticeMaster Document Management file.

The Request eSignature, Request File, and Send File actions are available in the Take Action group of the Quick Clicks pane in the Matter Manager, Client file, and Document Management file. These links open a new window where you can send an email to a client or other recipient, allowing them to access, sign, and return documents to your office.

Previously, LexShare integration required the LexShare Add-in for Outlook to perform secure file transfers and electronic signature requests. Beginning with Version 2022 (Build 22.2.10), Outlook is no longer required.

Additional information about using PracticeMaster with LexShare can be found in KB Article R11901, “LexShare Integration.”

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