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Want to know who backed up the data last and when, or who restored it? You can easily confirm who performed these actions and many more.

The Support Log (View | Log Files | Support Log) can help you determine which processes were run at what time by which user. This log is present for each application, including System Configuration. When running a Support Log, you can optionally specify a date range and/or select specific users. Manager users can access support logs for all applications at the same time via System Configuration (View | Support Log).

Every application includes the options to see when Back Up Data, Data File Integrity Check, and Reindex Files were run, in addition to when data was last restored and updates were last installed, and more. Each application also has information logged that is specific to the application, and although information included can vary, each feature includes who ran it and when it was run. The following are some of the features that are tracked in the Support Log:

Tabs3 Billing

  • Customization
  • Transfer Transactions
  • Update Statements
  • Undo Updated Statements
  • …and more


  • File Maintenance
  • Form Designer
  • Import Data
  • …and more.

Trust Accounting

  • Finalize Reconciliation
  • Positive Pay Export
  • Undo Reconciliation
  • …and more

Accounts Payable

  • Positive Pay Export
  • Vendor Changes

General Ledger

  • Edit GLS Client
  • Finalize Reconciliation
  • Undo Reconciliation
  • …and more

With these tools in place, it is easy to quickly assess the various software events that occurred while you were out. This allows you to remain up to speed, even after a well-deserved vacation. More information regarding the Support Log is provided in Knowledge Base Article R11288, “Support Log Information,” and in each program’s “Support Log” Help topic.

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