Billing Q&A: Searching for a Statement Number

June 2022    Tags: ,

We need to find a specific statement, but the only reference we received is a statement number. How can we search by statement number?

You can easily locate statements by number using the Statement Manager.

To find the statement number in Statement Manager

  1. In the Quick Launch, search for and select “Statement Manager.”
    1. Click the Stmt # column heading to sort by number, then type the statement number to use incremental searching. The list will scroll to the statement number you specified.
    2. In the Search List field, enter the statement number. The list will be filtered to only the statement number you specified.

When you have located the statement, you can double-click the record to see the statement information, or use the Quick Clicks actions to perform other common tasks such as reprinting, emailing, or making a payment.

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