Tabs3 Connect: View Your Data Away From the Office – Securely

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Tabs3 Connect allows you to work away from the office, while your data stays at the office. We know your data contains sensitive information, and we designed Tabs3 Connect with your security in mind. Tabs3 Connect is an internet-based application that accesses the data on your server at your office, and displays it on your device via an easy-to-use interface. Your clients’ data is not stored in the cloud, nor on the device you use to access Tabs3 Connect, nor on, nor on a third-party server.

Tabs3 Connect provides the following security provisions:

  • Your firm’s data is not stored on the mobile device.
  • Your firm’s data is not stored on
  • All internet transmissions are SSL encrypted. This is the same kind of data protection that most credit card companies and banking websites use.
  • No third party hosting service or cloud storage is required, where your data might be stored in another country and not be protected by U.S. laws.
  • Network vulnerability is not affected because no additional Web server needs to be installed or configured, such as Apache or IIS.
  • No firewall configuration changes are required for most firms.
  • No apps need to be installed on your mobile devices.
  • Access rights assigned to users for Tabs3 and PracticeMaster apply to Tabs3 Connect.
  • You control which users can use Tabs3 Connect.
  • Users are forced to use a strong password for access to Tabs3 Connect.
  • To protect your firm from “brute force” attacks, individual e-mail addresses are locked out of Tabs3 Connect for five minutes after five unsuccessful login attempts.
  • All logins, logouts, lockouts, and file downloads are automatically logged.

For more information on Tabs3 Connect, contact your reseller and consultant, contact Technical Support at (402) 419-2210, or visit Knowledge Base Article R11480, “All About Tabs3 Connect.”

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