Feature Article: Use the PracticeMaster Journal File to Go Paperless

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Is your desk cluttered with sticky notes, miscellaneous pieces of paper, and phone messages? Clear your work area, consolidate your notes, and link them to the appropriate clients and contacts by using the PracticeMaster Journal file!

The following types of records can be added to the Journal file (File | Open | Journal) by clicking the  (New) button:

  • Notes: Add free-form notes to keep track of any necessary information.
  • Time Tasks: Keep track of how much time you spend on the various tasks associated with your matter.
  • Phone Tasks: Keep track of phone calls to and from clients and third parties, including the phone number and whether you spoke with the desired person or left a message.
  • Research Tasks: Keep all of your research notes in one place, including the website address and a linked file.
  • Emails: Use the Outlook Toolbar Plug-in (Maintenance | Integration | Toolbar Plug-ins | Outlook tab) to save both sent and received emails.

Alternatively, Time Tasks, Phone Tasks, and Research Tasks can be created via the Timer (File | Timer). When integrated with Tabs3 Billing, any Client Notes from Tabs3 Billing (File | Open | Client | Client Notes tab) can also be viewed, but not edited, in the PracticeMaster Journal file.

Not only can you move information from paper to PracticeMaster, but every journal record provides a Client ID and Contact field. This links the record directly to the client’s matter and/or contact for which it applies and allows others to access the same information when they need it. Simply open the Client and/or Contact file and click on the Journal tab to see all journal records pertaining to this client, or select a Journal Page tab (e.g., Email, Phone, Timer, etc.) to see specific record types. You can configure which tabs to display in the Client file by opening Configure Client Pages (Edit | Configure Client Pages) from the List tab, and in the Contact file by opening Configure Contact Pages (Edit | Configure Contact Pages).

Use PracticeMaster to help organize your notes, research, and more – declutter your workspace, and allow others access to valuable information!

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