Feature Article: Client Portal

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We have added a Client Portal to Tabs3 Billing Version 2023 that allows you to invite clients and contacts you select to access an online client portal! This allows those customers to view their current balance and billing history. When combined with Tabs3Pay, clients can submit electronic payments that automatically apply towards their current balance due.

Setting up a client portal for the firm is performed in the Tabs3 Connect Administration window of System Configuration. Once a manager enables the portal and configures the web address, invitations can be sent to the firm’s clients. (Note: Tabs3 Connect must show “Connected” to enable the client portal; see KB Article R11480, “All About Tabs3 Connect,” for more information on configuring and using Tabs3 Connect.)

Configuring access to the client portal is done in the Client Portal Settings window, which can be accessed from the Tabs3 Billing Matter Manager, Client Information window, Contacts list, or Contact Information window. When starting from a client, you can select contacts to access that specific matter; when starting from a contact, you can select which matters the contact has access to.

A new access right for Client Portal Settings has been added. For additional information, see KB Article R11818, “Access Rights.”

For more information about the Client Portal, see KB Articles R11919, “Configuring the Tabs3 Client Portal,” and R11920, “Using the Tabs3 Client Portal.”

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