KB Corner: Keeping Tabs3 Software Up To Date

September 2019    Tags:

Updating the software is as easy as one-two-three! Although each new version release includes several new features or improvements, we also include additional enhancements throughout the release cycle by posting interim release updates. Unlike the full version updates (e.g., Version 18 to Version 19), which require an increased time investment due to the data conversion, these interim updates are designed to be quick and easy to install with minimal or no down time for your office.

Most updates do not require you to run DFICs or back up the software.

Knowledge Base Article R11804, “Keeping Tabs3 Software Up To Date,” walks you through checking for updates, downloading an update, and installing an update. Make sure you’re up to date and not missing out on features you might use!

Our Knowledge Base can be accessed at support.Tabs3.com. You can also access our Knowledge Base while in the software by selecting Help | Internet Resources | Knowledge Base.

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