Quick Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts and Keystrokes

November 2018    Tags: , , , , ,

Did you know that you can press Ctrl+Shift+F to open the Fee file and Ctrl+M to open the Matter Manager or Client Manager? Most people are aware of standard keystrokes, such as Ctrl+S to Save, Ctrl+C to Copy, Ctrl+V to Paste, etc. However, there are many more shortcuts to help save time in Tabs3 and PracticeMaster without your hands leaving the keyboard!

Tabs3 and PracticeMaster provide two lists of keyboard shortcuts and keystrokes to help speed up your data entry. These can each be found via Help in any of our software by pressing F1 and then entering “keyboard shortcuts” and “keystrokes” on the Index tab. We recommend printing these lists out as a reference until you get used to the ones you need most.

Going between keyboard and mouse to access everyday tasks may not seem very time consuming, but the time it takes for those extra clicks can add up. Check out which keyboard shortcuts and keystrokes will save you time today!

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