Spotlight: Navigating the Tabs3 Software

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Have you started using the great new navigation features, or are you still using Task Folders? If you’re using Quick Launch, All Actions, and My Actions, then you already know that we provide several customizable ways to access the features you need whether they’re tasks you perform every day, only once a year, or somewhere in the middle.

Theme Settings

The following options for navigating the software can be turned on or off via View | Theme Settings.

When selected, the Quick Launch can be used to search for a feature, pin frequently accessed actions and matters, or quickly access a recent action or matter.

When selected, the Home Page adds options for quickly accessing features and information:

  • The All Actions tab provides a way to access every feature in the application, grouped by like action. For example, client and contact related features are located in the People group.
  • The My Actions tab provides the ability to customize your experience. This tab can be used to add frequently accessed features or create your own groups, such as frequently used reports, month-end, and more. (Tip: If you’re still using Task Folders, you’re missing out on customization that can help streamline your processes!)

Other Navigation

The menus in each application provide access to all of the features in the application.

Many keyboard shortcuts are included in the software for power users. Keyboard shortcuts can help save time by keeping your hands on the keyboard more, instead of repeatedly moving to and from the mouse.

For more information on these navigation features and more, check out the Navigating Through Tabs3 Software Video. If you’re not using these navigation features, you’re missing out!

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