Quick Tip: Quick Launch

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Do you sometimes forget where to access programs or reports in the software that you only use occasionally? Use the Quick Launch to find what you need!

The Quick Launch provides a Search Actions field to quickly find actions in the current application. Simply start typing, and a list of possible choices that contain the characters entered will be displayed, allowing you to easily select an action to launch. For example, searching for “check” will include Check for Updates and Data File Integrity Check in the list of options. In addition to the program names, common acronyms and alternate references are included. For example, searching for “attorney” in Tabs3 Billing will include all references to “timekeeper” in the list such as Timekeeper Information, Timekeeper Productivity Report, etc.

In addition to search capabilities, the Quick Launch displays the most recent actions and matters accessed and provides the ability to pin actions and matters. To pin an action or matter, hover over the item and click the  icon. Pinned actions or matters are removed from the Recent Actions or Recent Matters sections and added to the Pinned Actions or Pinned Matters sections. Pinned items can be reordered by dragging them to the desired position in the list. To unpin an action or matter, hover over the item and click the  icon.

Another great feature is the ability to access other applications using the application icons at the bottom of the Quick Launch pane. This provides quick access to all of the Tabs3 Software installed. No need to find the shortcut on your desktop or in the Start menu.

Tip: You can instantly access the Search Actions box by pressing Ctrl+Q.

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