Spotlight: Drill Down

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Drill-down capabilities provide the ability to quickly access data while previewing reports. Additionally, drilldown is available in entry lists (WIP only), the Tabs3 Billing Matter Manager, PracticeMaster Matter Manager, and Tabs3 Billing Recap of Hours.

  • Reports – While previewing a report, when you mouse over a drill-down field, the field will be highlighted in yellow. Clicking the field will open an information page or a data entry window allowing you to view or edit the record. If an edit is made to a record, clicking the Refresh button (or pressing F5) in the Preview window will update the report to reflect the change made.
  • Tabs3 Billing Matter Manager – Drill down to the client or contact as well as fees, costs, payments, client funds, statements, write offs, and Trust entries.
  • PracticeMaster Matter Manager – Drill down to the client or contact as well as fee, cost, calendar, journal, and document records.
  • Tabs3 Recap of Hours – Click on a day to display transactions for the selected timekeeper, and then double-click the transaction to open it.

For a complete list of reports and features with drill-down capabilities, refer to Knowledge Base Article R10646, “Drill-Down Features in the Software.”

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