Spotlight: PracticeMaster Matter Manager

June 2021    Tags: , ,

Do you use the PracticeMaster Matter Manager? Matter Manager presents client and contact information in one easy-to-read window. Emails, phone calls, client notes, documents, and more are organized so that you can see exactly what has been done for the matter and when.

View All Activity for the current matter, or select a specific file from the Record Type Selector such as the matter’s calendar, contacts, documents, fees, journal, or Area of Practice information. If integrated with Tabs3 Billing, you can even view a Billing Summary that includes trust account balances, the current amount due, and the last payment date. Use the Billing Summary to quickly determine the financial value of the case, and convert activities to fees using the  (Convert to Fee) button so that nothing gets missed on the client’s monthly statement.

Get the most out of Matter Manager by adding or removing buttons from the Custom Taskbar so that it launches features and reports you use the most.

You will soon find that almost everything you do for a matter in PracticeMaster can be started from Matter Manager. If you want to automatically launch Matter Manager every time you open PracticeMaster, right-click the PracticeMaster desktop icon you use to start the software, select Properties, then add “ /manager” to the end of the Target field.

Matter Manager is a powerful way to track your clients. If you’re not already using it, take a look!

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